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Denver street artists in the news: So-Gnar Creative Division

Updated: Apr 8, 2018

The Denver street artists behind the "Love This City" series of murals are at it again. This time in a local school and on a California wall.

 Denver street artists from the So-Gnar Creative Division -- Pat Milbery, Jason Graves and Pat McKinney -- painted a giant mural for the city of Paso Robles, California in March 2018.
photo credit: Paso Magazine

Last month, Denver street artists Pat Milbery, Jason Graves and Pat McKinney -- members of So-Gnar Creative Division -- completed a giant mural in Paso Robles. If you know So-Gnar's work, this piece will feel familiar. Bright hues, geometric facets and iconic images of a town. In the case of Paso Robles, those images were the Acorn Building clocktower, a rainbow-colored cow, a tractor, grapes, and rolling agriculture. (

Denver street artists from the So-Gnar Creative Division painted this rad mural of a Tiger for Colfax Elementary.
photo credit:

(Check out the back story on Denver's street art and artists by booking a spot on our tour.)

Even more recently, Pat McKinney and Pat Milbery transformed a gym wall at Colfax Elementary with a killer mural. What was a drab cinderblock white is now a vibrant tiger and sun.

The Denver street artists have become fixtures of the urban and public art community around Denver. Last year, they were commissioned by Kaiser Permanente to propel a dialogue about suicide. The resulting mural on the side of the Avis building at Broadway and East 19th Avenue tells passers by that "You are Matter, You are Brave, You are Enough." It's the kind of positive energy that So-Gnar's founder, Pat Milbery is all about.

Denver's So-Gnar Creative Division painted this street mural for Kaiser Permanente to help open a dialogue about suicide.
photo credit:

When we talked to him earlier this year, he said whether graffiti writers, muralists, underground or mainstream, he just loves more art -- street art or not -- happening in Denver.

Now there's word out there that they are partnering with Mile High United Way on a new project. We can't wait to see what they have in store.

For more info on their Paso Robles work, read the latest in Paso Robles Magazine.

For more information on their work with Kaiser Permanente, read John Ingold's piece in the Denver Post.


Gabriel Divine
Gabriel Divine
2 days ago

It's great to see them bringing their art to local schools and communities, as well as partnering with organizations like Kaiser Permanente and Mile High United Way my location


Manuel Murphy
Manuel Murphy
6 days ago

I'm quite impressed with the street art works behind the "Love This City" mural series. 8 ball pool


A remarkable depiction of Democratic congressman Maxine Waters is also present in the former RiNo bar and club Cold Crush, located at 27th and Larimer. phrazle


This also means much of the street art currently there will be gone forever come Monday.

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