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art by @aholsniffsglue



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Do I need to be an artist or know a lot about art? 

No. This tour is narrative-driven, so it's less about the fundamentals of art and more about big picture stories around the art, artists and Denver. 

Do I need experience as a tour guide?

Not at all. We will train you. You need to be friendly and like people (well enough), but you don't need to have guided before. 

What will I discuss? 

We discuss the art, artists, gentrification, people experiencing homelessness and the recent changes impacting Denver. 

What are we looking for in a hire? 

  1. Reliability

  2. An interest in current events/big picture themes

  3. Two weekends / month. 

  4. Someone that knows Denver

  5. Someone that is comfortable around people 

pay + hours?

  1. We pay $25/hour. Each tour is paid out at $62.5 + tips. 

  2. Schedules vary, but you'll likely work two weekends a month. 

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